Long-Distance Moving With Your Dog | Easy Tips To Remember To De-Stress The Situation

A long-distance move can be stressful on everyone in the house. You are facing a lot of packing, a lot of work, and potentially a very long road to travel in between each trip. While stress is expected for you and the rest of the humans in the house, this whole situation can also be extremely stressful on your dog. Dogs sometimes don't like to ride in a vehicle, sometimes they don't like change of scenery, and sometimes they can be a huge burden during a move. Throw in a lot of extra miles between the old place and your new destination, and you can have a doggone nightmare on your hands. Here are a few tips to help you get you, your dog, and your nerves to the new place in tact during a long-distance move:

Consider boarding the dog while you pack and load your belongings. 

The whole process of packing and loading all of your belongings can be really stressful for your dog. There will likely be a lot of commotion and maybe even a few professional movers helping you out. To make sure your pet is not a nervous wreck before you ever leave the house because of this, it is a good idea to hire a pet sitter or consider boarding your dog during this part of the process. 

Check out homeopathic anxiety remedies for dogs. 

You could get a prescription from your vet for anti-anxiety medication for your dog if they are particularly scared of riding in a vehicle or extremely upset by the events taking place. However, there are natural things you can give your dog to help its nerves stay calm during the trip just the same. Find a homeopathic remedy, such as a dose of chamomile, and talk to your vet about the proper dosage for your dog. 

Give your pooch plenty of love and attention along the way. 

With so much going on, it is easy to forget that your dog is a member of the family too, and just like a small child, they will need to be reassured that everything is okay during a big move. Make sure you take the time to give your dog your attention several times throughout the move and the long drive. Likewise, scheduling ample time for stops along the way can definitely help break up the monotony of the trip and give your pup a chance to stretch its legs and move around. 

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