Getting Ready To Move? You May Want To Hire A Local Mover To Transport These Items For You

Moving is hard work, and it can be stressful too. Fortunately, it is usually an easier process when you're making a local move. If the timing is right, you might have access to both places for a few days so you can move most of your things yourself in your car or a pickup truck. However, when it comes to moving heavy things such as a refrigerator, it may still be best to hire a moving company like Four Guys & A Truck for the day. Here are some of the things you may want to let a mover handle when it comes time to move into a new house.

Specialty Furniture

If you have a pool table or large piano, you'll have a hard time moving it yourself. Furniture like this is just too heavy, and it takes special equipment to move it. Even if you can gather enough friends to help, you should still think twice about handling something that is bulky and heavy because if you drop it or bang it, you might cause expensive damage.

Large Appliances

Large appliances are also difficult to move because of their weight and because jostling them around could cause damage. They can't be dismantled, and that makes them even more difficult to handle, especially if the appliance is top heavy. In addition to actually moving the appliances, your mover may even set them up in your new home so they are plugged in and ready to use without you having to move them around to reach the outlets.

Expensive Artwork

One reason to let the movers handle your expensive artwork and other fragile items is because they will be insured. Plus, the movers know how to pack and move them without damage. You wouldn't want to risk damaging paintings by transporting them yourself in a truck or car.


While mattresses might not be all that heavy, they are bulky and wobbly, which makes them difficult to work with. They're not heavy enough that you can trust them to stay put in the back of a pickup truck like you can a heavy sofa. They are also difficult to wrap to keep clean, and you may not want your mattresses exposed to dirt in a truck. Your mover can slip the mattresses in boxes so they arrive at your new home in a clean and safe condition without being damaged from being squeezed against other furniture or tied down.

By moving your own clothing and light furniture by yourself over the space of a few days, you can get your home organized more quickly. By just leaving things that are too heavy or awkward for you to move for the moving service, you should be able to save money on your move while making the day go smoother as well.

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