How To Keep Dust To A Minimum Inside Your Storage Unit

You've probably ventured into an attic where things have not been touched for years, only to notice a thick layer of dust has settled over each and every box. You don't want the items in your storage unit to suffer the same fate! Not only is dust difficult to clean up, but breathing it in is not healthy -- and when you move your items back out of storage, you won't want to bring all of that dust into your home along with them. So, follow these tips to keep dust to a minimum inside your storage unit.

Pack in Plastic Totes

Cardboard boxes may be cheap and convenient, but they have one major downfall: they break down over time. As they sit in storage, the boxes start to give off little particles that contribute to the dust. Packing everything in plastic totes will keep your space a lot cleaner, since these don't break down. Plus, it is easier to wipe dust off a plastic tote than off a cardboard box.

Clean Everything First

Be meticulous about cleaning your possessions before you put them into storage. Wipe everything down thoroughly, and vacuum your plush furniture. Not only will this remove any dust at the beginning, but it will also remove any insects that may make more dust as they breed and feed inside the storage unit.

Keep Everything Stacked Neatly

Dust loves to accumulate in little corners and crevices. The more neatly you stack your tote boxes and other stored items, the easier time you'll have keeping them clean. Try to create "aisles" of stacks rather than stacking everything together in one big pile. This way, you can easily reach all of the boxes in each stack to clean them.

Clean Once a Month

Finally, make sure you visit your storage unit about once a month to give everything a good once-over. It's a lot easier to remove the thin layer of dust that will accumulate in this time than to wait for it to grow over the months or years. Keep a bucket of dusting cloths and spray in your storage unit so that you don't have to bring these supplies with you each time you visit.

If you're paying to keep your items in storage, it's worthwhile to spend a little time to ensure they emerge from storage clean and usable. Follow the tips above, and your issues with dust should be minimal. For more information, contact a business such as Bill King Moving.

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