Two Supplementary Services That May Make Your Move Easier

Moving companies offer quite a few services to help customers transition smoothly from one home to another, such as packing and short-term storage. However, you may also benefit from hiring a few other professionals to provide assistance with overcoming special problems you may encounter during your move. Here are two supplementary services you may want to consider signing up for when you're ready to move.


At first glance it may not seem like you would need the services of a carpenter, since these professionals typically work on home construction and renovation projects. If you lived in your home for a long time or the house has seen a lot of wear and tear over the years, hiring a carpenter may actually be worth the money.

This professional can help up in a couple of ways. First, he or she can dismantle large pieces of furniture that you want to take with you, such as entertainment centers and cabinetry. Some may even have experience disconnecting electronics and packing them so that they're easier to put together in your new place.

Second, the carpenter can patch up damage to the home so you can either get your deposit back or sell the home for more money. For instance, the professional can cover up nail holes in the wall and fix damaged doors.

Some moving companies actually have an agreement with a local carpenter and will let you book their services when you hire the company to help you move. If the moving company in your area doesn't have this type of arrangement, you can always use the internet to find a local contractor who can do this work for you.

Professional Organizer

A second professional you may want to consider hiring is a professional organizer. While movers can help you pack your belongings and put them in the truck, a professional organizer will work with you to get rid of stuff you don't need as well as organize the rest in a way that makes it easier for you to set up shop in your new home.

Reducing your load will make the move cheaper, especially if you're relocating long distance and the moving company is charging by the pound. Additionally, the organizer can recommend a system that may help you take full advantage of the storage space in your new home, so you can avoid the disorganization and clutter that may have been prevalent in your old home.

For more recommendations on other professionals who can assist with the move or to schedule a date to have movers come to your home, contact a local moving company, like Wheaton World Wide Moving.

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