3 Tips For Shipping Your Belongs Long Distance

If you have to make a long distance move, you want to make sure that your belongings make it there safely. When you hire a moving company to move your belongs across a great distance, you want to make sure that you properly insure your belongs. You want to make sure that you pack your belongings with cushioning in mind, and you want to mark each box with your contact information.

Insure Your Belongings

When you ship your belongings over a long distance from a commercial moving services company, there may be multiple different people who come in contact with your belongings. Your belongings may be loaded onto more than one truck in order to make the trip back home. Due to all the people and vehicles that your belongings will be on, there is a slight risk of them getting damaged. That is why you should always opt for insurance when you are doing a long distance move. Make sure that you keep an accurate inventory of your belongings and purchase enough insurance to cover the replacement value of your belongings.

Pack with Cushioning In Mind

As you pack up your belongings, you need to make sure that you keep cushioning in mind. Your belongings are going to be moved across the country, which means that they are going to encounter lots of bumps on the road along the way. To keep your belongings safe, you are going to want to focus on making sure that everything is cushioned well in place. Place cushioning material on the top and bottom of all boxes that contain sensitive items, and put cushioning material around the item too. Even for boxes that you don't think need to cushioned, such as books, it is still a good idea to put a protective layer of bubble wrap on the top and bottom of your moving boxes to make sure that your books don't move and sustain damage.

Also, make sure that you tape your boxes really well. Don't skimp on the tape; be sure to apply it to all the seams on your boxes.

Label Your Boxes

You want to put the room that the box should go into in your next house on the top of the box. On one side of the box, you should write a list of every item that is inside of the box. You should also number your boxes so you know exactly how many you have and can figure out what box is missing if one or two should fail to make it to your final destination.

Since you are moving long distance, you should also put your name and contact information on your box. This should include your phone or your new mailing address. Although there is a very slim chance that your boxes will get misplaced, in the event that they do, putting your contact information on the box will help ensure that your box makes it back to you.

When packing for a long distance move, be sure to insure your belongings for their replacement value, use lots of cushioning on all of your boxes, and label your boxes with your contact information.

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