The Differences Between Roofing And Storm Roofing, And Why Your New Roof Should Be Storm Roofing

Unless you live where hurricanes and tornadoes have their own designated season, you probably have not heard about storm roofing. It is a select roofing system and related products that are installed on houses that see a lot of these dangerous high wind storms. Even if you do not live where these storms and weather conditions reign terror for part of the year, it is a good idea to have a storm roof repair service install a storm roof on your home. Here are the marked differences between typical roofing and storm roofing, and why your new roof should be a storm roof. 

Incredible Impact Resistance

Where you live you may see a lot of trees fall on roofs during high gusts of wind. This is magnified in states where hurricanes and tornadoes are common. That is why storm roofs are engineered with really high impact resistance. The force of smaller trees and tree branches hitting a storm roof have almost no impact on the roof at all, whereas the usual roofing materials on northern homes are crushed and crunched by a falling limb or tree.

Incredible Wind Resistance

Northern homeowners are often climbing up to the roof after a powerful wind storm to check for loose shingles or shingles that have peeled backward and flopped to the side. This is not necessary with southern homes with storm roofs; homeowners already know that these roofing systems resist high winds very well. The shingles stay in place, protecting your home against wind and rain and other hostile environmental factors all year long. 

Greater Protection for Longer

A storm roof typically comes with a twenty- or thirty-year warranty or longer. If you are lucky, you might get a twenty-year warranty on a standard roofing system, but these often need repairs or replacement shingles after a storm, whereas the storm roofs typically do not. If you want to protect your roof and your home for most of the future time you are likely to remain in the home, invest extra in the storm roofing system. 

Additionally, some storm roof warranties are transferable to the next owners. If there is any time left on the warranty of the roof, the next owners receive that remaining time, which can be a major selling point with your home. The fact that you put a storm roof on your house may be very appealing to buyers who want to avoid home maintenance costs for a few years after they move in. Contact a local roof installation company to learn more. 

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