4 Ways To Speed Up Your Moving Day

Are you planning to use professional movers to get all your belongings to your new place? If so, you're likely well aware that your moves charge by the hour for local moves, so you'll want to ensure that your move goes as fast as possible. Here are some tips that will help save you money on your move and get it over with quickly.

Finish Packing The Night Before

Think you can finish packing the day of the move while your movers get to work? Chances are that the last bit of packing is going to take far longer than you think it will. It is common for many residential moves to take longer than anticipated because the movers are waiting for the homeowner to pack their belongings. Do yourself a favor and make sure you are done packing the night before to ensure that everything is ready to go.

Stage Boxes In An Easy-To-Access Place

While you may be tempted to leave the packed boxes in the rooms that they belong to, this is going to cause your move to be slowed down as movers have to go up and down stairs to get all the boxes. It will help to stage your boxes in a place that is easy to access. For example, if you are in a single family home you should place the boxes in the garage so that they can go directly onto the moving truck. If you are in an apartment, placing boxes in the room near the rear entrance will help the movers get the boxes down to the moving truck in the alley. 

Pull Items Out Of Storage Areas

Not everything you want to have moved is already in your home; some items may be stored in other places. This could include a storage unit in an apartment complex or maybe a shed that has outdoor tools. Consider pulling these items out so that the movers can access them much easier. If you have a storage shed, spread out the items in your yard so that the movers can see exactly what needs to get packed. 

Pick An Early Morning Move Time

One of the benefits of picking a move time that is early in the morning is that the movers are going to be refreshed and ready to go, which will help them work faster. If you pick a time in the afternoon, you could end up with movers that are more fatigued and can't work as quickly as they would in the morning. 

For more information about moving, contact some local residential movers.

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